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Barton Eyecare - a new concept in eyecare. 

Happy Customers = Healthy Patients

We have designed our business to provide clinical excellence along with great glasses at reasonable prices. 

Your eye health is our priority.  Seeing people regularily for eye tests with previous records and the latest technology gives the best chance of detecting eye conditions early and preventing sight loss or other health problems.  The best way to see people year after year is to provide excellent service, clear pricing, great glasses and a friendly atmosphere.


Private/NHS Sight Tests......and the rest

Steve has conducted over 20 000 eye tests and there's not much he hasn't seen.  Not all eye problems need a full sight test and we provide appointments for medical queries, macula monitor, eye pressure monitor, corneal check and a friendly expert at the end of a phone if you have a question.

Contact Lenses

Almost everyone can now get contact lenses in their prescription, including multifocals.  Modern materials mean comfort and clarity are the norm.  We work with all major suppliers and can get contact lenses posted direct to your door.


Metal frames, plastic frames, multifocals, tints, coating, reactions, spring hinge, tailor made, reglaze........it doesnt have to be expensive or confusing.

We operate an upfront clear price policy. Sometimes you want a pair of spectacles to look and feel great and another time you need a cheap strong pair to read in bed.  We understand your needs and the products that work best for you.

Dry Eye Clinic

Modern lifestyle choices means dry eye symptoms are very common.  We have the skill, knowledge and equipment to find the cause and treatment options for your dry eye symptoms.  It's often best to phone Steve to discuss your symptoms and decide if a full Dry Eye Assessment is necessary.

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